General FAQ

GMBA Frequently Asked Questions

1) House League + Registration FAQ
2) Player Equipment FAQ
3) Umpire FAQ
4) REP Team FAQ
5) Select Team FAQ
6) Grievance FAQ

1) House League + Registration FAQ 

Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All questions for House League can be directed to the House League Committee at
A: All questions for Registration can be directed to the Registration Committee at

Q: When is House League Registration open?

A: Registration typically opens the first week of January.

Q: Will the rates change ?

A: The rates typically increase after a predetermined date.

Q: When does House League Registration close?

A: House League Registration closes March 31l, or when the division is full.  

Q: What day of the week will my division play?  How often?

A: A full listing of when each division plays, and what the registration costs are, can be found on our Registration Rates Page.
A: Divisions typically have one game per week and one practice.  The practice day will not be determined until early May when teams and coaches have their first meeting.  In the lower divisions (Rally Cap & T-Ball) practices and games are combined.
Q: When does the season start?
A: The season begins the first Monday in May ( weather permitting ). 
Rally Cap starts later in the month of May.
Q: When does the season end?
A: Regular season goes until the end of July.
Q: When are the playoffs?
A: T-Ball and Pre-Rookie has a 'Championship game' on the Saturday of the first weekend of Playoffs.
Week 1 - Minor Rookie, Minor Mosquito, Pee Wee
Week 2 - Rookie, Mosquito, Bantam and Midget
Q: It is my understanding when I registered that he would be playing Friday nights according to the year he was born,  Do they just play the one day a week in House League?
A: Yes, they typically play once a week in house league which = approx. 12 to 15 games.
Q: I have not been contacted by anyone in regards to my son's/daughter's baseball?
A: Coaches receive their team lists by middle of April and should contact you by or before end of April.
The exception is Rally Cap players who start later and should be contacted by or before the long weekend in May. 

2) Player Equipment FAQ

Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All questions about equipment can be directed to the Equipment Manager at
Q: What do I need to purchase for my child?

A: Every player will need their own helmet, glove, running shoes and protective support.  
GMBA will supply their uniform (Shirt and Pants.)

A: Pants are supplied beginning in April.  The dates to pick up pants (new players) or exchange pants for a new size (returning players) will be posted and emailed to all players.  

3) Umpire FAQ

Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All Umpire questions can be directed to the Umpire-in-Chief  
A: All Umpire Scheduling questions can be directed to the Umpire Assignor  
Q: Do you have more information about being an Umpire ?

A: For Umpire Information, please visit the Umpire section.  ( Here ) 


Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All questions can be directed to the REP Committee at
Q: When are tryouts?
A: Tryouts are announced in the middle of August, and typically start the first weekend after school starts
Q: When are team picked?
A: Teams are picked by the Head Coach at the end of the AAA Tryouts and AA Tryouts.  View the Tryout schedule to determine when that is.

Q: When is first payment required to be given?
A: The first payment is usually asked for by the Rep Head Coach at the first team meeting in the fall.  Generally October or November.  Often this payment will cover your registration fee and a small amount for the team to start a bank account to make team purchases.  There are usually one or two more payments throught the season.  The level of payment depends on the age of the player, number of tournaments the team enters, and how many sponsors the team can get.  
Q: When does the REP season start and end?
A: The REP teams are selected in September, and workout over the winter.  The first regular season game is the first week in May, and the season ends on Labour Day in September, if the team qualifies for Provincials.
Q: Where does the REP teams play their regular season games?
A: GMBA teams play a full ICBA schedule of about 24-28 games.  There are 7 Associations that make up ICBA.  They are Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Woodstock and Stratford. Sometimes, team from outside ICBA will join a division as an Interlock team.  These teams might be from Simcoe, Port Dover, London, Paris, or Listowel.

5) Select Team FAQ

Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All questions can be directed to the Select Committee at
Q: Can you tell me when the tryouts would be for select?
A: We strive to do tryouts as early as possible to help Select teams get organized.  They will be announced in January and you can expect indoor tryouts to begin in March.
 Typically GMBA offer the Select Program to Minor Rookie to Midget dependant on coach volunteer applicants for each divisional team.

Q: If he were chosen for select approximately how many more times per week would that involve and on what nights?  Just looking at the commitment.
A: Select Teams will play approx. 15 games with their select team which is made up of exhibition games and tournaments that are scheduled by each team (coaches and parents) based on player availability as there is no prescribed  league play/schedule. Difficult to explain as the teams have flexibility and may play a game or double header on a couple weekends and/or single games through the week. Typically teams will enter 2-3 tournaments spread over the months of June, July and August. Teams can apply and participate in the Select Provincial Championship (SOBA's) by a qualification process.
The best way to envision Select is as house league plus and the plus is they get an opportunity to play at a higher level of ball against similar teams from other cities.

Q: Is there any extra cost associated with playing on the select team and do you know if it is a weekly practice?
A: Yes, there are costs incurred by Select Teams for home games, tournaments and uniforms which are divided amongst the players/parents. A Select team typically practice weekly starting mid May to mid August depending on player availability.   

5) Grievance FAQ

Q: If I have questions, who do I contact ?

A: All questions can be directed to the Select Committee at


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